Society: When is Enough, Enough?

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   The distractions in the world are countless, and often deafening to  withstand the sounds of what is really important in life. Most of us are guilty myself included of lessening the power of a conversation, or missing a poignant moment of reality because we are tied up checking our phones or devices for twitter feeds, Facebook updates, or the incessant dinging of emails going off. The truth is our world is loud and cluttered by things that have our attentions buzzing in a myriad of directions all at once and to no avail. Studies have shown that although the world is more connected we haven’t been more disconnected.
    The disconnection is evident when it comes to our children,who are growing up in a world full of brilliance but lack the “basic” skills to successfully navigate through society. These children have little to no social skills and their world view is skewed into believing that everything is entertainment. This can be attributed to the influx of more and more school shootings and children committing violent crimes. There is also an undercurrent of fame seekers who will do anything to be “famous”, which can be viewed in the number of underage children who are willing to pose naked on social media.
   My question is when will it stop?  And when are parents going to be parents and stop being friends? This is not to say that there aren’t some good parents out there teaching morals and good values, but I will say not enough of them are. Our society has fallen way short in many areas especially when it comes to children. I believe that there is too muchimage

in most households and not enough separation between things meant for adults and things intended for children. These days more than ever parents need to be vigilant and present in the rearing of children. By this I mean setting limits and boundaries.
  As an educator I cringe at thought of children as young as 6 having a cell phone, but it happens. When is enough, enough? Food for thought.


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