“Dream big, believe big, and put in Work”

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This is just the beginning!  For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of accomplishing many things and producing literary works has been one of them. My mantra this year is “dream big, believe big, and put in work.”

As I grew as a child life and the inner most parts of my being told me I wanted more. My upbringing was rough as I was nurtured by a family that was heavily enthralled in the drug trafficing trade. But upon examination of the life I was reared in I realized that there was a decision to be made. And I made it. At 8 years old I decided I wanted more and the way to accomplish it was through a new means, that was Christ.

All along God had purposed for me to be different even within my environment. And to initiate the process he placed an unlikely source right next door. My neighbor Mrs. Allen, was a saintly woman. Everyday after school I would race to her house for a snack and a life lesson.

Mrs. Allen introduced me to Christ as a savior and as a source. In those 60 minutes after school each day Mrs. Allen imparted in me the greatest lessons of all.

1. Jesus is lord. He rules the land we inhabit. He is our source. He is our friend and through prayer we can speak to him and expect things to happen.

2. Prayer. The purpose of prayer is open communication with god. Everyday Mrs. Allen would enter into prayer with me and as we knelt down she would say “listen with your heart.” This taught me that the communication went both ways.

3. The power of agreement. Unbeknownst to me at the time Mrs. Allen was enacting a biblical principle with me. Asking of anything in agreement with another shall be done. Also the bible speaks of the pressence of god where “two” are gathered.

4. The power of praise. In all of our meetings we began and ended with a song of worship. This ignites god’s pressence and is an act of submission. Mrs. Allen would tell me that there was always a reason to be thankful whether it was the sunshine outside the window, the foid we ate, or simply being alive. Praise him for everything.

5. Dream big! Every afternoon Mrs. Allen would ask what my dreams were. Through this she wanted me to realize that in everyday there should be a purpose, something that drives you and with that trust god with them. In our talks we discussed school, my going to college one day, and the work of letting god lead my life. “Dream big” she would say “god can do great things!”

In my memories of my neighbor I can’t help but thank god for placing her in my life. The lessons were immeasurable. Dream big all you dreamers, and don’t be afraid to put the work in.


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